Sug daniels

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Photo by: Nathalie Antonov 
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Sug Daniels is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is using the tools around her to capture the emotions of an era. Daniels’ work is as colorful, vulnerable, and charismatic as her personality. She thoughtfully combines elements of folk, R&B, and low-fi alternatives to create personal and tender music interlaced with messages of truth and positive change. 


Growing up in the rural town of Smyrna, Delaware, Sug had felt first-hand both the extreme joy and the major isolation that many LGBTQ+ people experience in Southern Baptist-style churches. After coming out, she left the church but continued her journey armed with the love of powerful music and celebration of community. She currently resides in the city of Wilmington, Delaware, continuing to create music to share and inspire those around her.  After leading two successful musical projects, Hoochi Coochi and FlowCity, Sug has set out to create solo music that reflects her current views and personal stories. 


Notably, Sug has recently gained local support for her and friend Rob Pfiefer’s single, ‘Tilton Park’, bringing media attention and fundraising efforts to a local issue that highlights the need for individuals and government to work together to encourage change. With her musical chops and a “sweet voice that sounds as pure and light as fine crystal’’, Sug is just getting started on what is sure to be some of the most innovative and creative music of the decade. She has several singles scheduled to be released on her Bandcamp and Spotify pages in March of 2021 and an EP-in-production anticipated to be released in the summer.